Swathi Tirunal Krithi’s

Guru Dr. Sreyas Narayanun

Svāti Tirunāḷ‍ Rāma Varma was born into the Venad dynasty of the Matrilineal royal family of Travancore, which is now a part of Kerala. He lived for 33 years from 16 April 1813 – 26 December 1846. He was the Maharaja of the Kingdom of Travancore, British India. He was a brilliant music composer and is credited with over 400 classical compositions in both Carnatic and Hindustani style.

Prerequisite: This would be suitable for students who have learnt Varnams and Krithis and can sing with proper sruthi and Tala without flaw.

No. of Sessions: 10 (1hr)

Class Size : Individual

Content: The following aspects will be covered in each session –

  • Brief explanation about the kriti
  • Small swara exercises/raga phrases in the raga of the kriti 
  • Teaching of the kriti
  • Revision of the previous kriti(s) learnt.

Below is the list of kritis that will be covered as part of this 10-hour module –

  1. Sarojana nabha daya - Raga Chakravaham  - Adi Tala
  2. Sri Rama vibho  - Raga Arabhi - Adi Tala
  3. Maamava sada - Raga Kanada - Rupaka Tala
  4. Padmanabha pahi - Raga Hindolam - Adi Tala
  5. Kripaya paalaya - Raga Charukesi - Misra Chapu Tala

Note: The above list of kritis is subject to modifications depending on the student’s abilities and preferences.