Vocal Classes


Knowledge of the Thaat system

  • Elementary Raags
  • Basic Taals 
  • Prayer Songs
  • Swar and Rhythm Patterns
  • Swara Sadhana
  • Chhota Khayal

Theory: As per teachers guidance


  • Expanding Khayals to Vilambit & Dhrut compositions
  • Dhrupad
  • Swar Sadhana and Swara Patterning
  • Swaras to Compositions
  • Laya and Taal
  • Rags

Theory: As per teachers guidance


  • Thaat and Ragas
  • Bol taans /Vistaars
  • Gamak Ke Prakar
  • Ragaang - an Overview
  • Vilambit Taals
  • Layakari in Taal
  • Raga Characteristics -Performance aspects of Ragas
  • Swaras and Rasas
  • Gamak Ke Prakar
  • Different Gharanas and approaches
  • Principles of Laya and Taal

Theory: As per teachers guidance


Disclaimer: The above are the broad curriculum and may vary based on the number of classes, learning ability, the teaching style of the Guru based on which school or Gharana he/she is from. 


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