Oonjal Songs


Oonjal songs are popularly sung in many south Indian weddings. They are generally sung during the morning hours before the actual wedding happens. The Bride and the Groom will be swinging in the oonjal, while songs go on and the elders of the house will be performing the traditional rituals. It is considered very auspicious to sing these songs as they are a combination of positive vibes, happy/meaningful lyrics and peppy beats.

Prerequisite   : Basic music knowledge.

No. of session: 8

Class size & Duration : Individual - 30 to 40 mins

Class size & Duration : Group - 60 mins

List of songs:Kannoonjal aadi irundhal, Gowri/Lakshmi Kalyana vaibhogame, Oonjal aadinal,
Vindhai Nirai, Dolayam, Joolatha Radha, Rathna Oonjalil Aadina, Malai matrinal Kodhai,
Lali Lali Yani,Uyyaala loogavaiyya, Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogame,Laaliyugave, Shobane,
Laalilalaiya,Pathikihaaratheere,Sriramachandruniki Jaya Mangalam,Aanandham Aanandham.


Note: The above list of kritis is subject to modifications depending on the student’s abilities and preferences.