Nattuvangam Workshop for Intermediate to Advance level learners

By Smt. Nithyakalyani Vaidyanathan.

Number of sessions: 4

Days: Saturday and Sunday

Time: 8.30 am

Dates: 2nd,3rd,9th and 10th of September' 2023

Number of Participants: Min 8 to Max 15

Mode: Zoom

Prerequisite:   A good foundation in Thalas. Must have learnt a complete Margam/ Students who have done their Arangetram/Rangapravesha. Learners/teachers who want to hone their nattuvangam skills.

Nattuvangam is an important attribute of South Indian classical art forms. It ensures a smooth flow of all the aspects pertaining to the presentation. A complete understanding becomes achievable.  In this intensive and engaging workshop one can expect Smt Nithyakalyani sharing her thorough expertise and the wealth of knowledge.

Major aspects that would be covered would be:

  • What is nattuvangam and its importance in dance.
  • Suladi Sapta Thalas with reference to 5 jathis and 5 gatis.
  • Importance of Chathusrashram and its relevance to other jathis.
  • Exercises in all jathis in eka thalam.
  • Alarippu and Jathiswaram.
  • Adi talam and rupaka thala jathis.