Tyagaraja Kritis

Guru Dr. Subashini Parthasarathy

Tyagaraja - From simple compositions set in metrical patterns to elaborate Pancharatnas. We find in Tyagaraja an extensive variety of song types showing manifold architectonics. This variety is a speciality which distinguishes Tyagaraja from his contemporaries which makes his songs an endless epic.

Prerequisite: Should have strong hold in the basics and should have learnt at least 5 varnams and 15 kritis.

No. of Sessions : 10 (1hr)

Class size : Individual


This module contains 9 kritis in a variety of Ragas. In each of the class a brief musical analysis of the composition will be dealt with, followed by an outline of the meaning of the lyrics and the rendering of the composition.


To start we learn a Kriti dedicated to Lord Ganesha - Giriraja Suta  -  Ragam Bangala.


One of the Kritis on Sangita Sastra - Sobbilu Saptasvara  - Ragam Jaganmohini


Talking of the avatar of Rama since Lord Rama was Tyagaraja’s favourite deity

Evarikkai Avataram - Ragam Devamanohari 


One of the Kshetra kritis  - Rajuvedale  - Ragam Todi


On mother Tulasi in a Prati Madhyama Ragam - Amma Ravamma - Ragam Kalyani


On Lord Shiva - Siva Siva Siva Yanarada - Ragam  Pantuvarali


On the greatness of Guru - Gurulekha etuvanti  - Ragam Gaurimanohari 


The Lord swinging on the bed of Adisesha - Lali yugave  - Ragam Neelambari 


Utsava Sampradaya Kirtana - Poola panpu  - Ragam Ahiri


A quick recap and interaction


Note: The above list of kritis is subject to modifications depending on the student’s abilities and preferences.