Nattuvangam Workshop for Beginners
By Smt. Ramaa Venugopalan

Number of sessions: 8
Days: Monday and Wednesday
Time: 8.15 pm
To begin on:  1st May 2023, Monday
Number of Participants: Min 6 to Max 15
Min age: 14 yrs and above
Mode: Zoom

Prerequisite:  Must have learnt Alarippu, Jathiswaram, and a good foundation in Adavus.

Nattuvangam is an important attribute of Bharatanatyam/Kuchipudi/Mohiniyattam presentations. It ensures a smooth flow of all the aspects pertaining to the presentation. A dancer learns the art of perfecting the talam and also understands to converse with the singer, percussionist and self.  A complete understanding becomes achievable.
You can expect a very interactive and engaging session, where the following aspects will be covered:

  • What is nattuvangam and its importance in dance
  • Understanding commonly used terms
  • Basics concepts - Aksharas, counts, trikala or speeds, counting towards an avartanam
  • Mathematics of syllables - each akshara span for 1,2,3 and 4 counts. Placing them in an avartanam, exploring combinations for multiple avartanams.
  • Variations of numbers in different talams, trying combinations of numbers to TāLam cycles.
  • Combining small korvai patterns, structure of Kórvais, creating and dance design of Kórvais into small bundles of movements. Both dance and TāLam.
  • Basics of handling tattukazhu and TāLam (cymbals) and learning simple exercises to practice them.