Music of Haridasas

Guru Smt. Ragini Sanath

Haridāsas, the founders of the Karnatak musical pedagogy, dexterously weaved literature replete in cultural and spiritual values through rakhti ragas and simple rhythmical formats as Chapu talas, rich rhetoric embellishments, presenting them as folk music forms be to sung by layman in their day to day life thereby, reaching every nook and corner of different strata of the society, irrespective of the gender. Thus they worked for the betterment of society. Their compositions stand as testimony of a good value system for all times. Revival of ancient musical forms as Prabandha were ingeniously incorporated as various segments in music as Dāsarapada, Ugabhoga, Suladi, mundige etc. Thus, they ushered in new dimensions influencing later many Karnātak music composers.

Prerequisite : 8 Varnams & 15 Krithis

Age : 12 years & above

Class size : Group of 3-10 students

Sessions : 8 (Weekly Twice)

Content :

  • Palisi enna - Shuddha Dhanyasi - Adi - Sri Purandaradasa 
  • Neene gati neene mati - Poorvi Kalyani - Khandachapu - Sri Purandaradasa
  • Ninna nama iddare  Saako - Kalyani - Mishrachapu - Sri Purandaradasa
  • Kunidado Krishna - Saranga - Adi - Sri Purandaradasa
  • Nandana Kanda - Mohana Kalyani - Mishrachapu - Helavanakatte Giriyamma
  • Udo Manamohana - Sindhubhairavi - Eka - Sreepadarajaru
  • Durge palise mate - Durga - Adi - Guru govinda Vittala
  • Keshavanolumeyu - Ragamalike - Adi - Kanakadasa
  • Madhuravu madhura - Hamsanada - Adi - Sri Vidya Prasanna Teertharu
  • Daya Made  Daya Made - Behag - Adi - Jagannatha Dasaru


Note :

The above list of compositions are subject to modifications depending on the student’s abilities, preferences and is to the discretion of the instructor.