Guru Smt. Savita Sreeram

Bhakti Sampradaya or Namasankeerthana Sampradhaya was pioneered by Gnaneshwer around 1200 years ago. Both Gnaneshwer and Namdev through their works, devotion and bhakti could initiate a sampradaya that did not attach importance to caste or creed but only devotion to Lord Panduranga. This was the birth of "Bhakti Sampradaya" wherein it was possible to attain Godliness merely through Bhakti (devotion) and this could be easily adopted and practised by the masses.  

Abhang or abhanga is again a form of devotional poetry sung in praise of God Vitthal, also known as Vithoba. They are flawless, filled with Bhakthi and full of life.

In this module you get to learn Abhangs, meticulously chosen and composed by great Saints like Sant Tukaram, Sant Namdev, Sant Gnyaneshwar, Sant Chokamela, Sant Narhari Sonar, Sant Eknath and more.

Prerequisite: Trained in singing few varnams and kritis.

No. of Sessions : 10( 1 hour)

Class size : Group (8 -10)

Start date : 13th June 2023

Day : Every Tuesday

Time : 8 pm IST

Mode : Zoom