Purandaradasa Krithis

Guru Ramya Srinivasan


Purandara Dasa (1484-1564), a prolific poet-composer and mystic of Vijayanagar, composed many geethams and keertanas and songs in Kannada known as "devaranama." In this module we will try to cover few of his compositions.


This module is for students who have learnt a good number of kritis already (atleast about 30 kritis).

No. of Sessions: 10(1hr)

Class Size : Individual


The following aspects will be covered in each session –

  • Brief explanation about the kriti
  • Small swara exercises/raga phrases in the raga of the kriti 
  • Teaching of the kriti
  • Revision of the previous kriti(s) learnt.

Below is the list of kritis that will be covered as part of this 10-hour module –

  1. Sharanu Siddhi Vinayaka – Sowrashtram – Misra Chapu
  2. Kandena Govindana – Chandrakounce – Adi
  3. Yamanelli Kaananendu – Shivaranjani – Adi
  4. Yake Ninnage Ishtu – Pantuvarali – Misra Chapu
  5. Tirupati Venkataramana – Hamsanandi – Adi
  6. Rama Rama – Tilang - Rupakam


The above list of kritis is subject to modifications depending on the student’s abilities and preferences.