Talamatics Workshop

Module for beginner to intermediate level students of carnatic music and dance.

Guru Deepika Sreenivasan

A tala/talam forms the metrical structure that repeats, in a cyclical harmony, from the start to end of any particular song or dance segment. This makes it imperative that tala basics are rooted well and early on in the learning journey. Talas have certain qualitative features, which becomes very important for any classical dancer/musician in his or her artistic journey.

And, when you begin your journey it becomes all the more pivotal for students to understand and make the basics clear. Here is a module which can help you with clarifying many such aspects.


Basic training in carnatic music,Bharatanatyam/Kuchipudi/Mohiniyattam for at least 2 to 5 yrs or should have completed a few varnams and krithis in Carnatic music. 

Number of sessions : 8

Duration: 60 minutes.

Days: Tuesday and Thursday 

Time: 8 pm IST

Starting from: June 11th, 2024 

Mode: ZOOM

Age: 13 years and above

Number of students: min 8 to max 15


  1. Introduction to Layam/ Talam in music and dance in general.
  2. Concept of Talam and various tala systems.
  3. Introduction to Konnakol 
  4. Building of phrases
  5. Speeds and Laya exercises 
  6. Introduction to ‘Tadigina thom’ phrases and its usage
  7. Concept of Nadai - Tishram,Chaturashram, Khandam usage in Adi Talam
  8. Construction of simple Jathis and muktayees
  9. Decoding popular jathis and muktayees
  10. Exploring Chapu talas