Our Mission

Transcending boundaries and bringing the lovers of Indian fine arts together.The advancement of technology has made the world a smaller place. We at Trikala, using the same technology aim at bringing both Guru and Sishya together. There are hundreds and thousands of students around the world seeking a right Guru to take their passion forward. We try to quench this thirst for learning by introducing the right and able teacher.Armed with a dream and vision we strived towards our mission.The soul intention to provide a channel for fulfilling and enriched learning.

Komala Gururaj

Living life to the fullest with a spiritual intent is an important attribute of my life. My connection with the almighty is through art, which gives me a liberty to express as an individual, be it through "navarasa" or rigorous "nritta".

Right from very young age I was in awe and aspired to learn the Divine Art - Bharathanatyam. At the age of 8, I was blessed to get invoked in this art form through my Guru Smt.Unnamalai, who till date has dedicated her life to Bharathanatyam. I have been performing throughout, until I moved out of India.
Having lived in several countries for the past 14 years gave me a broad perspective about global Indians, their requirements and limitations to learn Indian art form.

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Blessed and fortunate to be the disciple of a highly motivated and encouraging Guru, inspired me to think and provide these aspiring individuals with alternate solution. A virtual platform is the key today to open up the world to learners across the globe to access able, dedicated and passionate teachers.

A postgraduate in International Business, I have worked for reputed consulting firm for few years before taking a sabbatical. The experience that I gained during my working days helped me develop an eye for detail and perfection. Professional insight has brought in lot of positivity towards life and work. Trikala is an honest attempt - a culmination of my varied background.

Ramya Gopalan

Everybody has dreams and we strive hard to achieve it, we may fulfill a few of those and some are pushed under the carpet due to lack of time, resources and various reasons. Coming from traditional tambrahm family I grew listening to legends of Carnatic music. Morning’s always started with M.S.Amma’s Suprabatham. I didn’t realize when my love for this divine art form started. Having stayed and travelled in various parts of India I got introduced to other art forms like Hindustani, Rabindra Sangeet, Ghazals or instruments like Jaltarang, Sarod etc. As I grew, I became an avid listener and connoisseur of classical art.

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 Coming to present, as my daughter’s musical journey began in a home, away from home, I realized that there are many others around who were in constant search for quality learning of Indian classical art forms. The obstacles individuals face is the right source of learning.Being actively involved in many community and cultural activities, I can relate myself better to people living here, my intent to involve actively and address these needs motivates me to think of a globally viable solution.
A Masters in Commerce and software development courses landed me into the world of Information Technology. Having worked for a leading bank and software giant and led a team of youngsters helped me understand the challenges faced by today’s professional to ensure a work life balance. Addressing all the above needs has motivated me to provide a platform where you can pursue your passion at your own place, time and pace.