Konnakol is the art of reciting syllables within the frame of a rhythmic cycle or talam in South Indian Carnatic music. The human voice has a direct and dramatic way of expressing the percussive aspects in music directly. An artist improvises within a structure that interrelates the raga being played within the talam preferred in the compositions. This is something amazing and explores the boundaries everytime. 

We at Trikala Arts, with a systematic methodology, techniques, planned lessons and patterns help students to attain various boundaries/ levels. Be it for beginner or advanced levels, lessons over a period of time help students explore various ideas of Thaalam, Kaala pramanamm, Korvai,  Nadais and more. Konnakol is an art that will grippingly engage any learner. 

Students having a basic knowledge of dance/carnatic music/percussion /literature can take up this art form.