Raag Sangeet -Beginners

Guru Shri. Pritam Nakhil


Hindustani classical music is the traditional music of northern areas of the Indian subcontinent, including the modern states of India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. It may also be called North Indian classical music or Shāstriya Sangīt.The module will enable student to have a complete insight about different aspects of hindustani music like raag, taal, concepts like swar,naad,khyal,thaat and many more.


This module is for beginners. Students with no prior knowledge about hindustani music but are interested to learn and have a keen ear for music.

No. of session: 10 (1 hour /session)

Class size: Individual

Note: All the lecture will have a brief recap of the previous lesson.                           

Session 1 

  • What is music?  Simplification of concepts like how singing is differs from talking.   
  • Brief intro to Indian classical music concepts like swar, naad,aaroh,awroha etc.
  • Some simple and some complex vocal exercises. 
  • Learning sargam of raag yaman. 
  • Learning taal Dadra.

Session 2 

  • A Brief introduction to the concept of ‘Raag’. 
  • Learning raag Yaman bandish and a film song based on raag Yaman. 
  • Understanding the concept of ‘Khayal’.  
  • Learning taal roopak and teentaal. 

Session 3

  • Understanding the method of writing notation of any song i.e. swarlipi.
  • Learning sargam of raag kafi.
  • Learning  aalaps and taans of raag yaman.
  • Learning dugun i.e. double of taal Dadra, roopak and teentaal.

Session 4

  •  Comparison of Hindustani raag sangeet with Carnatic sangeet (part 1)
  • Learning of raag kafi bandish and a famous film song based on raag kafi.
  • Brief introduction to the concept of Thaat  and learning the 10 thaat aaroh awroha.
  • Learning  taal jhaptaal.

Session 5 

  • Learning  raag bhoop sargam  and a bandish.
  • Learning raag yaman bada khayal bandish. 
  • Comparison of Hindustani raag sangeet with Carnatic sangeet (part 2).
  • Learning  vilambit ektaal and drut ektaal.

Session 6

  • Understanding the concept of ‘lakshangeet’.
  • Learning ‘lakshangeet’ of raag Durga.
  • Learning bandish of raag Durga.
  • Revision of taals learnt till date. 

Session 7

  • Learning Tarana of raag yaman.
  • Revision of lakshan geet of raag Durga.
  • Understanding the concept of Aawaz lagaav i.e. different techniques of using voice in different  forms of vocal music like the voice we use for singing classical song is different than film or different from voice used in western music.
  • Learning Taal keherwa

Session 8

  • Understanding the importance of TAANPURA  and try to learn how to tune it. 
  • Learning Raag Baageshri saragam, bandish and a devotional song.
  • Revision of Raag yaman ( all songs learnt)
  • Learning  Bhajani theka used in bhakti sangeet.

  Session 9 

  • Learning raag bhoop, aalaps and taans.
  • Revision of all light songs learnt. 
  • Learning mic technique , record a song  and by listening to it analyse the voice and technique
  •  Learn how to recognise rhythm or taal of any song. 

Session 10 

  • Learning  raag Bhimpalasi bandish and film song. 
  • Comparison of hindustaani raag sangeet and western classical music. (a brief introduction)
  • Revision of  Tarana in Raag Yaman.
  • A brief on how to be a good music listener.  
  • A  review of the module will be conducted.