Dasara Padas

Guru Smt. Sowmya D R

The Haridasas were saints, some of whom were wandering bards, and considered themselves as slaves of their supreme lord - Hari. Prominent Hindu philosophers, poets and scholars such as Sripadaraya, Vyasathirtha, Vadirajatirtha, Purandara Dasa and Kanaka Dasa played an important role during the Bhakti movement. This movement was ushered in by the Haridasas took shape in the 13th century – 14th century CE period, prior to and during the early rule of the Vijayanagara empire.
The devotional inspiration to the masses lasted over a millennium and continues to be so. The Haridasa movement made significant contributions to Kannada devotional literature. The literary medium known as Dasa Sahitya has over a period of time blossomed many great singers and has always appealed to many music aspirants

In this module we present a few rare and ever evolving gems by various Haridasas.

Prerequisite : Beginners with basic carnatic music knowledge/Geethams

No. of Sessions :  8 (1hr)

Age : 7 years and above

Class Size : Individual and Group (max 10 students and min 3 students)


Sharadheye (Raga Vasantha) - Vijayadasa

Hari baarane ( Raga Revathi) - Vadhiraja

Hari neene gathi endhu ( Raga mohana) - Purandaradasa

Hari hari ( Raga Kapi) - Purandaradasa

Thallanisadiru ( Raga Desh) - Kanakadasa

Baro Murari (Raga Abheri) - Vadhiraja

Bega baro ( Raga Maand) - Vadhiraja

Narayana Narayana ( Raga Yamankalyani)

Note: The above list of kritis is subject to modifications depending on the student’s abilities and preferences.