Aarupadai Veedu – Thirupugazh

Guru Dr. D. Padma Yuvaraj

Indian music, especially carnatic music is deeply immersed in bhakti. Almost all musical forms have some aspects of Bhakti in them. In some of them it is found in an abundant measure and these forms are known as sacred musical forms. One such is the Thiruppugazh in Tamil. Arunagirinathar of the 15th century A.D. is the author of Thiruppugazh. Because of his mastery over thaalam and rhythm Arunagirinathar has been rightly called "Tala Chelvar"and "Chandapaavala Perumaan". At the beginning of every Thiruppugazh song we find clearly the mention of a rhythmic pattern i. e chandam. `

We will be learning Tiruppugazh set in chanda talam in this module. 


This module is for students who have learnt varnams and kritis in misra chapu and kanda chapu talas. Should have strong hold in the basics and know tamil language

No. of sessions   : 8 

Duration             :  45 minutes to one hour. 

Class size            :  Individual 

The following aspects will be covered each session 

  • Every session will begin with a brief explanation of the thiruppugazh and the chanda talam. 
  • Teaching the new thiruppugazh song 
  • Revision of the previous lesson 

Thiruppugazh songs to be covered in the module 

Session 1

Umbar tharu - Vinayagar thudhi 

Session 2

Santatam bandha - Thirupparankundram 

Session 3

Iyalisai- Thiruchendur 

Session 4

Naasar thang - Swami malai 

Session 5

Nilaiyadha - Thiruthanigai 

Session 6

Kaaranamadhaga - Pazhamudircholai 

Session 7

Thimira udhathi - Pazhani 

Session 8

Singing of all the thiruppugazh taught in this module.