Workshop on scintillating Varnams and Thillanas of Shri Lalgudi G. Jayaraman

Guru Smt. Sankari Krishnan

Varnams and Thillanas composed by the great maestro Padma Bhushan Lalgudi Shri G. Jayaraman predominantly contains intricate rhythmic patterns soaked in bhava laden melody with simple and appealing lyrics that enthral scholars and lay persons alike.
   In this module, Smt Sankari Krishnan, a senior disciple of Lalgudi Sir, will be teaching two Varnams and two Thillanas.
While teaching the compositions, all the relevant aspects of the compositions will be holistically elaborated.

Prerequisite: This module is meant  for students who have already learnt some varnams (at least 10) and  kritis (atleast about 20-25) so as to grasp, appreciate and aesthetically learn and enjoy the compositions

Number of sessions: 8

Duration: 1 hour 



Tana Varnam -Tarunam en taaye - Sama ragam  -  Adi Talam 

Pada Varnam - Devar Munivar Tozhum  - Shanmukapriya ragam  - Adi Talam 


Maduvanthi ragam - Adi Talam

Vaasanthi ragam  - Misrachapu Talam 

Note : The above list of compositions are subject to modifications at the discretion of the Administrator, if necessary.