Raag Sangeeth-Advanced module

Guru  Smt. Malobika Mandal


This module will provide students with necessary tools to understand the compositions, its development and the techniques of improvisation.Voice exercises are also covered.


This module is for the students who have the knowledge of alankar shuddha swar, komal swar, saptak,  taal and knowledge of Chota khayal.

No. of session: 10 (1 hour /session) 

Class size: Individual

Session 1

  • Swar sadhana To develop intricate vocal expression, practice alankar(simple and complex) with different rhythmic pattern.
  • Chota Khayal : Madhya laya bandish of any one morning raag(Bhairav/Bhairavi/Bairagi/Todi)bol alaap,swar vistar and taan.

Session 2

  • Advance voice exercise : Practice alankar in lower notes and higher  notes  to improve flexibility and stability of the voice.
  • Chota Khayal : Madhyalaya bandish (set in teen taal), any one  of pre noon and  afternoon raag (Sarang/Bilawal /Patdeep/Madhuwanti) with swar vistar, alap,taan and bol taan.

Session 3

  • Advance voice technique : Practice alankar to improve voice modulation and voice throw and breath control.
  • Chota Khayal : Learn bandishes set in different  taal like Ek taal,Jhaptaal and Rupak taal(in any two taal).
  • Students learn the technique of improvisation of raag on their own.

Session 4             

  • Chota Khayal(Chota khayal in any one of the evening raags like yaman,/ kedar/ Bhopali / puriya kalyan).                                        
  • Vilambit Khayal( Introduction of vilambit khayal,learn the bandish of vilambit khayal(set in Vilambit ek taal).                                                     

Session 5

  • Creative development of composition : Vilambit khayal, swar vistar, taan ,bol taan and laya kari. Explore the raag.

Session 6

  • Presentation of whole raag (vilambit and madhyalaya bandish). Drut bandish with improvisation.
  • Identify the Raag : Relate raag with any other music and identify the raag).                      

Session 7

  • Revision of all the lesson of previous class.
  • Uses of taal in light music(Knowledge of taal used in light music (dadra, kahawa,rupak taal) which is used in bhajan,geet,ghazal singing).

Session 8 and 9             

  • Revision of Vilambit khayal. 
  • Introduction to Tarana in any one raags and learn one based on the raags covered in the previous session of this module.

Session 10     

Recap and further theory based on topics covered. Review on the whole module in quiz format.