Workshop on the compositions popularized by The Legend Sri Semmangudi R Srinivasa Iyer

Learn a few gems of krithis  popularized by the Legend Sri Semmangudi R Srinivasa Iyer from Sri A S Murali, a fifth generation musician  from Anikode Agraharam near Palghat. He is one the the senior most disciple of the veteran vocalist P.S. Narayanaswami, scion of Semmangudi school.
This workshop will encompass  all the relevant aspects of the krithis which was honed by Shemmagudi and will be holistically elaborated. Attention will be given to every nuance, so as one can render these gems with pride.

Prerequisite: This module is meant  for students who have already learnt some varnams (at least 10) and  krithis (atleast about 20-25) so as to grasp, appreciate and aesthetically learn and enjoy the compositions

Number of sessions: 8

Duration: 1 hour 

Start date and day:7th November 2030 (Tuesday)

Dates: 7th 9th 14th 16th 21st 23rd 28th and 30th November 2023

Time: 8.15 pm 

Minimum number of students : 8

Maximum number of students: 15

Content (Subject to change):

  • Ne nendu veduguthura- Karnataka behag - Thyagaraja
  • Dinamani Vamsa- Karikambhodhi - Thyagaraja
  • Santhana Ramaswaminam - Hindola vasantham -Dikshithar 
  • Sri Ramam Ravikulabdhi Somam - Narayana gowlai - Dikshithar
  • Bhavathi Viswasomey -Mukhari - Maharaja Swathi Thirunaal 
  • Palaya Mamayi Bho- Kamas - Swathi Thirunaal 


Note : The above list of compositions are subject to modifications at the discretion of the teacher and the organizer, if necessary.