Syllabus 2

Guru Shri Vijay Kumar

Please note the lessons will be broadly based on the below points and will vary according to the student’s level of learning and  number of classes intended to be taken up by the student

  • Competency in knowledge of Tala skills.
  • Guidance for calculating the Adavu's and notating.
  • Helping to set the conclusion portion (Theermanams) of Korvais and Jathis.
  • The flow of Tala skill through Nattuvangam (cymbal and wooden plank)
  • Nattuvangam for the Margam (URUPADI-ALLARIPU TO THILLANA)
  • Korvais & Theeramanams in Adi and Roopaka Talas.
  • Korvais & Theeramanams in Panchanadai. 
  • Panchanadai Korvais in Adi tala. 
  • Shat Yatis( six Yatis) arrangements of Theermanams in Adi and Roopaks Talas.
  • Helping to choreograph a Pada Varanam with suitable jathis (Trikala Chatusranadai Trisram).
  • Theermanas & Swara Korvais.