Syllabus 1

Guru Shri RLV Hemanth

Prerequisite : Student should have the
basic knowledge of Carnatic Music,
Percussion and Literature.


This level is for students and dancers
who want to learn the method of tapping for “Adavus” on the wooden plank and
with the hand cymbals and reciting

  • Saptha Taala
  • Chaapa Taala
  • Yathis
  • Jathis
  • 35 & 175 system
  • Panja jathi teermanams


  • Starting position based on song
  • Nattuvangam basic practice
  • Yathis based on matra
  • ¼,½,¾ #athetham #anagatham


    • Notation System
    • 5 Jathi alarippu’s
    • Choreograph dance with Nattuvangam
    • Different kinds of Talam
    • How to make teermanams,thattum mettum,korvais,Jathis and Aruthies
    • One full “Margam”

Disclaimer: The above are the broad curriculum and may vary based on the number of classes, learning ability, the teaching style of the Guru.