Rare Varnams

Guru Smt.Kavitha Jayraman

Varnams are one of the main fundamental learning pieces in Carnatic music. Known for their complex structure, they contain, lyrics as well as swara packages including Pallavi, Anupallavi, Muktayi swaram, Charanam and Chittaswarams. Most varnams encapsulate the true essence of the raga including how each note should be stressed, the raga scale etc. Some of these rare raga varnams were composed by not so famous composers and thus haven’t been extensively passed down over generations. Through this module our aim is to make these exemplary compositions as popular as the other Varnams that are regularly performed/taught.

Students with  prior knowledge of at least 5 Adi talam and 2 Ata tala varnams.

No. of session: 10 (1 hour /session)

Class size: Individual

The Rare Varnam module  is made of  2 Parts