Navarathri – 9Songs in 9Days

Guru Smt. S. Krithika Vikas

As the festive season of navarathri approaches, here is a module where the children get to learn a few amazing songs in praise of Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Durga during navrathri.

Prerequisite : Basic carnatic music knowledge like Geethams/ Varnams

No. of sessions : 9

Age: 7-14 yrs

Duration of session : 60 mins

Class size: 3 - 10

Content : Popular songs like Aanandha Lakshmi Baramma, Ammamma Aemamma, Jaya Jaya Durga, Yaadhumagi Nindrai Kaal,Jaya Jaya Devi.

Disclaimer: The above list of songs are subject to modifications depending on the student’s abilities.